Choosing the Best Tray Table

Tray table allows you to bring meals to the table quickly and efficiently, without the risk of losing plates. At the same time, it allows you to take large meals to tables easily. Tray tables can be used to provide a temporary surface for serving trays or as portable surfaces for appetizer tables.

What Kind of Material Is Appropriate for the Tray Table?

Tray Table is available in a number of materials and forms to meet your specific requirements, ranging from low-cost plastic to classic-turned wood. They are also available in a variety of colors and finishes to create a unified design in your dining area.

Tray Tables Made of Plastic

They are made of lightweight, non-porous material that is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. They will not rust, pit, or scrape and will provide a safe hygienic surface for trays to rest on. These tray stands are ideal for restaurants, bars, cafés, and catered events since they provide a realistic look without the hassle of upkeep.

Tray Tables Made of Metal

Metal tray tables in black, chrome, steel, or brown finishes provide the durability required in professional food service companies while also assuring a sleek, contemporary style. They are lightweight, similar to the plastic tray table, and simple to clean. Rubber feet provide traction and additional floor protection. Simultaneously, rubber grips help hold the tray in place.

A Tray Table Made of Wood

Wood tray tables have a classic appearance that is suitable for any company or business. They are available in plain wood forms for a more adaptable look or in turned wood types for an attractive upgrade. Bottom bracing provides additional strength and longevity. For a more natural appearance and feel, choose from a selection of wood treatments. Wood tray stands, like plastic or metal stands, may be wiped clean, but they should be conditioned with a wood conditioner to keep them looking their best. These tray stands are heavier than plastic or metal tray stands, but the beauty is well worth the compromise.

What will be the Height of Your Tray Table?

Tray tables are normally offered in three heights: dining, counter, and bar. It’s advisable to get a serving tray table that’s the same height as the table you will be serving from. First, measure the height of your tables, then pair them with a tray stand of equivalent height. It is just that simple to make sure your tray table is at a comfortable height for your servers.

Covers for your Tray Stand

During beautiful events, formal receptions, and corporate occasions, tray stands are frequently required to remain in certain areas to collect filthy dishes before transporting them to the dish room. Tray stand coverings may provide an elite aspect to your tray stands during such events. These coverings either drape over the tray stand table or embrace it from all sides, giving it the appearance of a table while keeping it lightweight, practical, and foldable.

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