Different Ways to Style a Side Table

Side tables have a unique difficulty in comparison to some of your other living room furniture choices. Whereas a coffee table has a large surface area for you to decorate, side tables have a smaller surface area. A well-placed gold side table is an important aspect of your total living room furniture, but the design you set on top of it may determine where it is. Side tables may sometimes be useful, providing a place to set a drink or cup or making room for a table light. Your side table might sometimes be just ornamental, serving as a pedestal to exhibit your favorite design object.

Play with Bold, Decorative Objects

When an oak side table isn’t in danger of being knocked over by elbows or energetic children, it may be used to house intriguing decorative objects and paintings. A collection of artifacts is a terrific way to establish the ambiance and depict the story of the homeowners. Of course, a little cheekiness helps to create a unique and authentic atmosphere.

Consider Your Side Table as Part of a Larger Vision

Consider how your round side table and the items atop it interact with the greater vignette of your modern living room. When a single chair or chaise is a focal point in the room, we always match it with a floor lamp and a glass side table for a three-part composition. The chair becomes a sculptural bulk, while the floor lamp demarcates the grouping with a vertical stake, and the side table gives a lower-scale ornamentation to match or contrast the chair, depending on the aim.

Use A Potted Plant to harmonize with Nature

Because the best houseplants are perennially popular home décor, they are an obvious choice for side tables. A potted plant may provide some color and contrast to a neutral décor, but it can also be used to fill out a scheme, embracing green as part of the overall palette. If you want to add a seasonal touch to your house, a marble side table might be the perfect platform for fresh flowers. Vases with sculptural branches are now popular in interior design, but flowers provide an opportunity to bring color and unusual forms, whether to contrast or enhance your existing color scheme.

Make A Casual Home Bar On a Side Table

While home bars are popular, if you have a tiny living room, you may not have enough space for a built-in cabinet to serve as the focal point of your home entertainment. Having elegant decanters displayed on a wooden side table allows visitors to sample different spirits as they go around the room. A beautiful decanter adds flair and may serve as a discussion starter for visitors.

Considering Lighting as Part of the Plan

A side table is a good spot for a table lamp to round out your lighting scheme, but unless you have a wireless table lamp or floor-set sockets, it can be difficult to include one here practically without wires trailing across your space if your furniture isn’t pushed back against the walls.

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