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Are you looking for innovative and practical ideas to repurpose a dressing table stool in your home decor? Look no further! In this article, we will explore ten creative ways to give your dressing table stool a new lease on life. Whether you want to add a touch of charm to your living room, create additional seating options, or transform it into a functional storage solution, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Introduction | Dressing Table Stool

Dressing table stools often end up forgotten and unused, gathering dust in a corner. However, with a little creativity and imagination, you can repurpose them into functional and stylish pieces that enhance your home decor. Let’s explore some exciting possibilities!

Way 1: Stylish Seating in the Living Room

One way to repurpose a dressing table stool is by using it as stylish seating in your living room. Place it near a window or alongside a bookshelf to create a cozy reading nook. You can upholster the seat with a vibrant fabric that complements your existing decor. This simple addition can add character and comfort to your living space.

Way 2: Chic Vanity Stool

Transform your dressing table stool into a chic vanity stool for your bedroom or bathroom. Add a cushioned seat and a glamorous fabric cover. You can even attach a mirror to the wall above it for a complete vanity setup. This repurposed stool will bring elegance and functionality to your daily beauty routine.

Way 3: Playful Plant Stand

Give your plants a unique display by repurposing your dressing table stool as a playful plant stand. Paint it in a vibrant color that matches your plant pots and place it in a corner or next to a window. You can arrange different-sized pots on the stool at varying heights, creating an eye-catching focal point in your home.

Way 4: Functional Bedside Dressing Table Stool

If you’re in need of a bedside table, repurposing a dressing table stool can be a clever solution. Its compact size makes it perfect for holding your nighttime essentials like a lamp, alarm clock, and a book. You can also add a small tray or fabric pocket to keep your smaller items organized.

Way 5: Compact Shoe Rack

Maximize your space by repurposing your dressing table stool as a compact shoe rack near the entrance or in your closet. Attach small hooks or rails to hang your shoes, and place a decorative tray on top to hold your keys and other small accessories. This functional and stylish solution will keep your shoes organized and easily accessible.

Way 6: Crafty Storage Ottoman

Turn your dressing table stool into a crafty storage ottoman by adding a hinged lid and upholstering the seat with a fabric of your choice. This repurposed piece can be used to store craft supplies, blankets, or even as a hidden storage option in your living room. Its dual functionality will declutter your space while adding a touch of style.

Way 7: Unique Side Table

Enhance your living room or bedroom with a unique side table made from a repurposed dressing table stool. You can paint it in a complementary color or add a wooden tabletop for a rustic look. Place it next to your sofa or bed, and use it to hold your favorite books, a cup of tea, or decorative items.

Way 8: Vintage Bookshelf

If you have multiple dressing table stools, you can repurpose them into a vintage bookshelf. Stack them vertically or horizontally, securing them together, and voila! You have an unconventional and eye-catching bookshelf that will be the envy of your book-loving friends.

Way 9: Children’s Step Stool

Repurposing a Dressing Table Stool as a children’s step stool is both practical and fun. Paint it in bright colors, add some non-slip grips, and use it to help your little ones reach higher places like the bathroom sink or kitchen counter. It’s a safe and adorable addition to any household with young children.

Way 10: Quirky Pet Bed

Spoil your furry friend by transforming a dressing table chair into a quirky pet bed. Remove the seat, add a soft cushion or blanket, and let your pet enjoy their own cozy spot. Place it in your living room or bedroom, and watch your pet happily snuggle in their unique bed.


Repurposing a dressing table stool offers endless possibilities to add charm, functionality, and style to your home decor. Whether you choose to transform it into additional seating, a storage solution, or a unique decorative piece, these creative ideas will breathe new life into your old stool. So go ahead, unleash your imagination, and give your dressing table stool a well-deserved makeover!


1. Can I repurpose any type of dressing table stool?
Yes, you can repurpose various types of dressing table stools, regardless of their design or material.

2. How difficult is it to repurpose a dressing table stool? Repurposing a dressing table stool is generally easy and can be a fun DIY project.

3. Where can I find dressing table stools to repurpose? You can find dressing table stools at furniture stores, antique shops, online marketplaces, or even by upcycling old furniture.

4. Are there any safety considerations when repurposing a stool? Ensure that the repurposed stool is stable and safe to use, especially if it will be used as seating or a step stool.

5. Can I customize the repurposed stool to match my home decor? Absolutely! You can paint, upholster, or modify the stool to suit your preferred style and color scheme.

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