How to Pick the Perfect Bedside Table

Bedside tables are a must-have for any bedroom, providing simple storage for phones, books, and other personal belongings. Black bedside table not only enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom, but they also assist to frame your bed inside the room, whether it’s in the middle with two tables on either side or up against a wall with a single bedside table.

Choose a size

The first step in picking a bedside table design is determining the proper size table to fit next to your bed. Make sure the table surface is around the same height as your mattress and wide enough to accommodate the objects you intend to place on top of your table.


Measure the height of your mattress before purchasing a grey bedside table. The height of the bedside table should be proportionate to it; if you choose a bedside table that is too short or too tall, it will appear uneven next to the bed and make taking objects off of it difficult. A regular rattan bedside table ranges in size from 58cm to 71cm, while the average mattress measures around 64cm. If you have a low mattress or bed frame, the 58cm small/low design is ideal for you. Have you got a taller bed frame or mattress? Select a tall nightstand that sits at 30″ to match the height of your bed.


Your bedside table’s breadth should be determined by the amount of surface space required and your personal style preferences. Decorating a small, minimalist bedroom? Save space by using a narrow table that is less than 54cm wide. If you intend to place personal objects or decor on your mirrored bedside table, a standard (54cm – 74cm) or broad width (more than 74cm) is ideal. A small, sleek, and simple table is ideal for a modern or glam setting, whilst a normal or broader bedside table complements a cosier traditional or rustic design.

Bedside Table Designs

After determining the appropriate size, it’s critical to select a bedside table design that compliments your room and meets your storage requirements. Consider additional features (such as felt-lined drawers or built-in outlets) that will improve your setup.



There is a reason why wood is the most popular material for wooden bedside table. There are numerous tones to pick from, each adding a rich color and texture to your area. Wood also complements every aesthetic, so you’re guaranteed to discover a style that works for your area. A mid-toned oak bedside table or rich mahogany complements a traditional bedroom, whilst a blonde wood or teak suits in a contemporary or country-style setting. A distressed finish can also be used to create a vintage look.


Metal bedside table sets are perfect for an industrial or modern look. These bedside tables are typically minimalistic, with sharper angles and cooler colour schemes. Mix and match your metal bedside tables with different-colored handles for a glam or eclectic effect, or leave it monochromatic for a sleek, modern vibe.


Discover all the storage options for your bedside table. These features are intended to provide you with the necessary storage space and functionality for your bedroom. These storage elements, which range from soft-close drawers to open shelving, add character to your bedside table.


Bedside tables with drawers provide ample storage for organizing evening items while keeping the tabletop clutter-free.

Number of Drawers

One of the most significant considerations when selecting a bedside table design is the number of drawers and what you intend to store in them. Options usually range from one to three. Smaller items like chargers, reading glasses, and medicines fit neatly into a shallow top drawer, whereas larger 3 drawer bedside table like books


black bedside tables with open storage provide additional space for decorating or storing important items. This form of bedside table storage, which includes one or more shelves, is adaptable and easy to style. Open shelves are ideal for displaying a stack of books or storing small objects in a beautiful basket.

Bedside Table Styles

The elegance of your bedside table is just as important as its size and storage. Whether you’re seeking for a perfect match to your room’s decor or to mix and match a few styles to enhance your transitional aesthetic, we have you covered. Continue reading for more styling tips to get you inspired.


A traditional bedside table is a simple approach to enhance your room’s transitional decor. Transitional style combines current and classic silhouettes to produce a unique design. We like how the timeless nightstand above complements the more modern headboard and vibrant patterned bedding.


For modern-style bedrooms, choose a bedside table that complements the space’s clean lines and streamlined forms. The nightstand’s clean shape and minimal hardware give it a modern air, while the natural wood finish provides an organic aspect to the bedroom. The drawers provide ample space to store any nightstand needs while keeping the top of the table from becoming too cluttered.


A wooden table adds a natural touch to the nightstand. To achieve a truly rustic look, use a bedside table with a faded wood finish or worn metal hardware. The deep wood treatment on the bedside table above emphasizes the natural wood grain and complements the warm earth tones that bring the space together. Simple bedside table design and a tufted rug will make your bedroom feel as cozy as possible.

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