Setting Up a Tortoise Table

A tortoise table is an open-topped cage that gives your pet a bright and airy habitat. Most are constructed of wood, and you may buy or create one yourself. Because a tortoise table is a sort of indoor dwelling, you should make it as similar to the outdoors as possible while setting it up.

It is important to select the correct size when purchasing a tortoise table. The size you require generally depends on the tortoise’s size, but the larger you can create it, the better. The sides should also be high enough to prevent the tortoise from climbing out.

Items to Place in Tortoise Table

When your tortoise initially settles into its new tortoise table, we recommend only placing the necessities in the tank, such as warmth, lights, and substrate.

Hides and plants can be added once your tortoise has settled in; if you put them in too soon, the settling-in process may become stressful.


Because tortoise tables are open-topped, it is impossible to fix a specific air temperature, like in a vivarium because the temperature is determined by the surrounding air temperature.

Many people also wonder if tortoises require a heat light, which they do. A ceramic heat lamp is the finest way to heat your tortoise table. Place it in one corner of your tortoise table and leave it on 24 hours a day to give a heat source for your tortoise to use anytime it wants to.


To monitor the temperature near the basking light and at the cool end of the tortoise table, place a thermometer at either end of the tortoise table.

Always test the temperature from the same height as the top of the tortoise’s shell (NOT from ground level) and take your reading from below the bulb the hottest location.


UV radiation is required for all tortoises, regardless of age, to deliver vitamin D and prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. It should be left on for 12-14 hours each day and turned off at night. Many people program their tortoise lighting to turn on and off automatically.


Tortoises like having a secure haven they can go to and sleep in. You may either buy one or create one out of a plastic container with a hole in the front for exiting and entering.


It is critical to have a water bowl with fresh water that is refreshed daily. That way, your tortoise will always have access to water.

Where Should You Place Your Tortoise Table?

This tortoise table is best suited for indoor use. And, to reduce additional stress for your tortoise, we recommend placing it in a peaceful area of the house away from other pets, etc. A sunny space with no direct sunlight, no drafts, and a power supply nearby would be perfect.

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