The Versatility of Side Tables

Side tables, as smaller pieces of furniture, are sometimes disregarded or added to living rooms at the last minute. In actuality, this simple change may have a tremendous impact on how you use your living area and how coherent it seems overall. It’s tempting to overlook things like this while outfitting a space, but we’re here to show you that there’s a strong reason to take small furniture carefully.

Gold side tables are not just for your coffee cup, and in this article, we’ll look at the most unusual and ingenious ways to use them.

The Portable Workstation

Working from home or managing a backlog of life admin? A separate workspace is frequently impossible to fit into smaller areas. That or some of us prefer to work from our living rooms on occasion. Use your oak side table to create a portable workstation that can be moved around the house and serves as an ideal seat-height stand for your laptop.

It Also Serves as a Bedside Table

When guests stay, a round side table can function as a bedside table. If you’ve chosen a sofa bed, adding a small side table will allow your guests to keep their drinks, books, phone, and anything else they need nearby while they sleep over at your house. Adding a modest side table makes the transition from daytime sofa sitting to sleeping much smoother.

As A Little Bookshelf

If you’re making a reading nook, you’ll need somewhere to keep your books. If your shelves are crowded, utilize a tiny glass side table to expand your collection and make it a focal point. Bookends can be used to store a few books on your side table, or you can use them to display your favorite coffee table books and periodicals.

Plant Display Stand

Plants are an excellent method to clean the air, improve your mood, and make your living environment feel more welcoming. Marble side table are ideal for supporting smaller potted plants or serving as a plinth for more established leaves. Choose a plant container that matches the rest of your decor and place it on a side table for a unified living room design.

As A Place to Display Artwork

If you enjoy art, adding a side table is an excellent opportunity to introduce a new piece to your space. Use a wooden side table to display framed paintings on their own stands, or lean larger art pieces against the wall behind the side table. If you’re adding a sculpture or vase, consider contrasting its color with your side table to add interest and depth to your room.

As A Party Beverage Station

Use a side table as a drinks station to step up your hosting game. If you don’t have enough space for a huge sideboard, a side table could be the solution. Style your side table with trays, coasters, and glassware that double as decorative items while not in use. When party season is in full flow, a side table is vital for ensuring that guests have somewhere to put their preferred drink.

As An Area for Board Games

Side tables enhance the enjoyment of game nights. A side table is easily moveable around the room, making it ideal for board games with friends, and can be returned to the side of your sofa or recliner when the night is over. Measure your space to ensure that your side table is large enough to accommodate the games you most frequently play with friends, as well as the appropriate height for dice rolling and card shuffling.

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