Top Recommendations for Picking a Table Top

Even inside the same location, different tables have distinct functions.  A long table may be more comfortable for dining, while a tiny yet high round table may be better suited to a bar setting.  Similarly, table surfaces vary depending on their purpose.

What Are the Primary Types of Table Tops?

The Trent Furniture website offers a large assortment of table tops.  Each of the options listed below is available in a variety of colours and finishes.  We even recommend the most effective cleaning agents for each type!  Our table top options include:

• Solid oak table top

• Solid wood table top

• Laminate table top

• Melamine tabletop

• Veneered table top

What Are the Finest Tabletop Options for Bars and Pubs?

A table in a bar or pub is mostly used to hold people’s beverages.  From a poseur table to a dining table, and whether your customers are standing or seated, having a table to place your drink on while socializing is always useful.

For this reason, bar and pub table tops must be waterproof, easy to clean, and, preferably, stain-proof.  The best table tops for bars and pubs are typically composed of laminate, veneer, or melamine materials.  However, wooden veneer table tops are a common alternative, especially in bars where people dine.

What Are the Ideal Tabletop for Cafés and Bistros?

Veneer table tops are an excellent choice for cafés and bistros since they protect tables from bumps, knocks, and even falls.  Available in dark oak, walnut, and light oak finishes, these table tops are also compatible with a wide range of seating options.

We also provide laminate American diner table tops in a variety of colors, including red, white, and black.

What Are the Best Tabletop Options for Restaurants?

The finest table top will depend on the type of business you own.  Some will look great with a solid oak table top (stained in a variety of colors), while others will look great with an oak finish made of melamine for low-cost durability.

Table Top Shapes

Many people associate table tops with squares, rectangles, or circles. In actuality, you can choose from a variety of shapes, including ovals, semicircles, and other irregular shapes.

Rectangular Table Top

Rectangular table tops are possibly one of the most popular options when selecting a table. A rectangle table’s straightforward, linear shape fits into most areas, making it easy to navigate around.

Square Table Top

The square table top is another popular table design option. Square tables are ideal for individuals who have a tiny living space and want to maintain balance and proportion in symmetrical environments.

Round Table Top

Circular dining tables are ideal for smaller rooms. They allow you to roam freely across the environment without colliding with any sharp corners.

Oval Table Top

Oval table tops, a modern take on the circular table top, are becoming a popular home decor option. It combines the linear simplicity of a rectangular top with the intimacy of a round one, giving you the best of both worlds! Oval tops are frequently comparable to rectangular ones in terms of dimension.

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