What to Consider When Choosing a Tortoise Table

A tortoise table has numerous features that make it a great indoor habitat for your tortoise. Here are a few things to consider while designing the finest tortoise home for your shelled pet, ranging from heat lights and UV rays to materials and dimensions.

Material of your Tortoise Table

You should look for a tortoise table constructed of hardwood or treated plywood. You should ensure that any treated wood is safe for animals because many chemicals can be harmful.

Wood that is overly soft will be destroyed, especially if tropical tortoises that demand high humidity are housed. You don’t want your tortoise home to rust, deteriorate, or distort owing to moist substrate or under your tortoise’s water bowl.

Size of your Tortoise Table

If you intend to keep your tortoise indoors, size is an important factor to consider. Tortoises in the wild will move in search of mates, food, and shelter; thus, it is possible that your pet tortoise will explore their whole habitat. This includes giving them plenty of room so they don’t get bored and can accomplish everything a wild tortoise should do. However, is far more appropriate to base it on their species and size. We recommend considering how large they will be when fully grown and then selecting an enclosure that will accommodate them for the rest of their life.

Construction of your Tortoise Table

Some individuals opt to have an upcycled tortoise table created out of an old closet or bookshelves. This is acceptable, but make sure it’s robust and will keep its structure when your turtle starts bumping around.

The wall of your tortoise table must be at least 15 cm to 16cm high to prevent breezes from entering it and affecting your tortoise. Aside from that, the wall should be tall enough so that they cannot climb out.

When it comes to the roof, you may choose between an open-topped tortoise table and one with a built-in cover. The open-topped versions allow for improved air circulation but are risky if your tortoise is a daredevil who enjoys climbing. However, if the walls are tall enough and the furniture is strategically placed within, and will function nicely, regardless of the species you possess.

 Tortoises are far more powerful and physically capable than many people believe. We prefer purchasing a custom-made tortoise table.

Lighting and Heating for your Tortoise Table

Tortoises are naturally found in warmer regions with plenty of natural sunshine. Heat is essential for tortoises to maintain an optimal body temperature, which is necessary for digestion, movement, and other basic functions that allow them to survive. Different species will require different temperature ranges, but all will require an extra heat source in addition to your standard central heating.

Cleaning of your Tortoise Table

Spot clean your tortoise table on a daily basis, but deep clean and replace the substrate at least once a month. You should put a liner on the bottom of your tortoise table to make it easy to keep clean and to conduct a deep clean when necessary.

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